The perceptible Breath

Ilse Middendorf Breathwork, is one of today’s leading breath practices that develops the theme of allowing the breath to come and go on its own. We explore and discover the principles of the natural breath by sensing the movement of breath within our body. This happens because we are present and participate in the experience of allowing breath to come and go on its own. Accessible through the perceptible breath is a core of health, unity and clarity within each of us, a core substance that is always intact, healthy and sane, as long as we breathe. The parts of our organism that have lost the connection to this healthy core substance, be it through injuries traumatic experiences, or simply a lack of consciousness, can be reconnected to this core substance through the perceptible breath work and in this way heal.


Middendorfs approach does not push any healing process, but orients and connects to core substance within and in this way initiates a development that enhances healing forces emerging out of our own resources.



The awareness of the sensation of the movement of breath throughout the body is the basis of this process. The interactive experience of these elements: Allowing the breath to come and go on its own, awareness of the sensation of the movement of breath and personal presence and participation in this process develop personal skills such as:


• connecting to vitality
• the capacity to resolve stress
• flow rather than reaction in response to life’s challenges
• clarity and effectiveness in communication
• self responsibility



The perceptible breath is an artistic form of somatic education, based on connecting with the natural breath, free from control of the human will. This approach supports the essence of the Self to unfold and develop to its true definition. The conscious experience of breath not only supports and creates individual balance, it also has the potential to bring about family, community, and global balance.


Breathing affects our entire being. By focusing and sensing breath movement, we experience our breath, without interfering with its natural rhythm. Through this breath we gain direct access to a knowledge and power that is greater than a simple intellectual understanding.



A whole path has been developed by Prof. Ilse Middendorf. Through simple exercises we become aware of breath laws and principles, and use them as a tool to experience and understand breath movements as the source of our creative forces as well as an outlet for their expression.


Every single breath cycle actualizes past, present and perspective of our being. By learning to listen to our breath we connect with a source that can help to direct and lead us through an appropriate process of integration. Breath becomes our teacher and healer.



Workshops, classes, and hands-on sessions are structured to provide each individual with the support needed to carry away their own personal learning of breath's meaning.




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